Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Saga Continues...

I'm not even sure where to start with this post.  I have 15 minutes to write this before taking Caitlyn to the doctor again.  We've been there multiple times this week...

Caitlyn went in for a weight check on Monday and lost weight since her visit the week before.  I broke down in the doctor's office.  I thought we'd had such great success with breastfeeding and it wasn't true.  We'd come so far to go backwards again.  The doctor wanted to see us again the next day.

The following day, Caitlyn lost another ounce.  We'd spent the entire day nursing. I'd supplemented a few bottles even as the doctor suggested.  And she lost weight again.  My husband was with me this time and I again broke down and could barely ask the doctor what needed to be asked.  At this point they probably think I'm suffering from Postpartum Depression, but really I'm just very worried about my daughter.

Yesterday, Caitlyn was given bottles after breastfeeding each time as suggested by the doctor.  She did really well in the morning and even slept most of the morning.  The afternoon was another story, she was up for 10 hours straight.  Some of that time was perfectly content.  The evening time was filled with crying. She cried so hard that she held her breath again.  She hasn't done that since the hospital.  She turned purple right in front of me and there was no nurse running to help me this time.  I blew in her face and she snapped out of it, but it happened at least a few more times last night.  I was going to take her to a dentist to see if has tongue tie to assist in our breastfeeding journey, but now I'm so worried about her having any procedure that causes pain because she is still holding her breath while crying. 

I'm headed to the doctor today with her again to see if I can't figure out what is going on with her breastfeeding and her crying...

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